Value Creation

Serving our customers and delivering profitable growth

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability (CR&S) at Peeyush Group is about the long-term creation of value for the benefit of our shareholders and other stakeholders. This means Peeyush Group is fully focused on serving its customers and delivering profitable growth, which ultimately benefits all stakeholders. Each Group programme, from new technologies in various fields like Mechanical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics & Telecom, brings together strengths built over many years. In order to make its programmes successful, Peeyush Group needs the right technologies in place to sustain innovation, the appropriate competencies for multi-skilled teams and a robust, well-resourced supply chain.

As a world leader in different sectors, we have a clear vision about our approach to corporate responsibility and sustainability, which is based on 5 priorities:
  • Strong governance
  • Innovative products and processes
  • Developing and engaging our people
  • Building supplier partnerships
  • Corporate citizenship

Our Business Mission is Client’s Satisfaction

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