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Pushing boundaries together

Peeyush Group is a global pioneer in mechanical, electrical and civil-related services. Regardless of which Division of Peeyush Group you work in, you’ll be part of our unique culture.

Meet our people

At Peeyush Group , we take pride in the diversity of our employees, valuing the special experience and expertise that people from different backgrounds bring to our business. We thrive on the mix of ideas, backgrounds and knowledge created by such a combination of influences. At the same time, we encourage employees to develop their individual talents and experiences and to be proud of their roots.

What it’s like to work here

Peeyush Group is a high-performance environment. But performance isn’t just about what you achieve: it’s also about how you achieve it. All Peeyush Group employees live by a set of guiding principles that enable everyone to share common values and behaviours. But 'shared' does not mean that everyone should be exactly the same.

Instead, we encourage individuality. We embrace diversity. We want people to bring their own style and contribute to the richness of our organization. Drawn from more than 130 different nationalities, Peeyush Group employees have drive, dynamism and creativity, plus an ability to transcend geographical and professional boundaries to work together on cutting-edge projects.


Our Business Mission is Client’s Satisfaction

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