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The concept and the term information technology is so large that no precise and comprehensive definition, encompassing all the aspects of IT, can be given. Because information technology is set of various diversified and multidimensional technologies.

IT is a pool of technologies that merge computing with high speed communication communication links carrying data, sound and videos. Examples of information technology include personal computers, of course, but also new forms of telephones, televisions and various handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants. It should be noted that there are two parts of this definition, the computers and communications.A computer is a programmable, multi-use machine that accepts data, the raw facts and figure, and process or manipulates it into information that we can use, such as summaries totals or reports. Its purpose is to speed up problem solving and to increase productivity.

Communication technology also called telecommunication technology consists of electromagnetic devices and systems communicating over long distances. The principle examples are telephone, radio broadcast, television and cable TV. More recently, there has been an addition of communication among computers, when people tell you that they "went online" with the Internet. To be online means using a computer or other device connected through a voice or data network, to access information and services from another computer or information device.

Now the students may be convinced that there a use of computer is not information technology, rather it is a set of technologies. Computer is just a part of it, through the most important and amazing. Historical development of mass media institutions and the role of media in society. Particular attention to news, government regulation, effects, economics, emerging technologies, and audience dynamics. To examine the history and development of print and telecommunications media, relate them to the publics they serve, describe how their attributes contribute to the communication of information, and explore their political and economic contexts.


Media industry has been growing rapidly. Today the role of media not only to infrom but also to entertain and educate the people about their rights. The word media is broad now, it includes- Print, television, internet, radio, magazines and so on. with the time, media is also changing its attitudes towards the coverage of news.

Media industry offers good career opputunities, but to make a Career in media industry is not easy task as people thinks. Media industry demands creativity, committement, hardwork, dedication and the in-depth knowledge of socio, economic,political issues. Today we are so much depend on media that we could not think of our lines without it. Inagine a day, you wake up from your bed and no nwespaer, TV, internet to bring you closer to the world. Don't you think you will feel cut off from the world.

Because of dedicated hard work and effective strategies of the IT companies, India has made a global mark in world trade. Some of the flagship companies that are providing good career in IT-ITES sector are - Infosys technologies, TCS, Wipro Technologies, Tech Mahindra, Persistent, Cognizant, Amdocs, Cybage, Castech, HCL technologies, Satyam Computers, Patni, Mphasis, Convergys, Firstsource solution, L&T Infotech, Genpact, Intelnet Global services etc.

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